Ruen Lek (Small House) located at front of the property has been newly renovated (complete in August 2010). The reasons to renovate this house were because there were some complaints from guests. In fact, we didn’t like the previous decoration and some of its facilities ourselves.

          Original house had 4 very small bed rooms with very small bathrooms and one larger room. The decoration was so simple and untidy with lack of view. Because of one layer thin wood wall, the house was seriously effect by street noise.  There were some more other reasons that caused our guests experienced the unpleasant stay (as guests’ comments in “Trip Advisor” website), it leaved us no choice, but had to do something




          First idea was to remove the old house and replaced with a whole new 2 stories 8 guest rooms with private bathrooms and A/C equipped. With this plan, we expected to return on investment within 3-4 years.  It was a good idea. But!!




          Later, we found that this old house was built right on the ruin of ancient wall of Ayutthaya since it was a capital of Siam (1351-1767 AC). In other words, the ancient wall is the foundation of the house!! Moreover, this house was built on 1950’s and it served the family for generations. The house has been a part of family’s memory and also to the neighbor’s. We then decided not to build a new building, which will effect or even destroy this historical heritage, but to do a big renovation instead.





          We first combined two small rooms to one big room (also bigger bathroom). The house then has three rooms: one down stair and two up stair. We added another wall with insulation and acoustic between these two walls (this apply to ceiling as well). We moved bathroom (room No.8) from river side to street side and installed large door to river side to all three rooms so that guests can enjoy the view of river and across temple from their rooms.  We also added large balconies with built-in day bed to room No.7 and 8 while put a fence and teak wood door open to private large terrace of room No. 6. 




          Finally, we decorated all room differently with the sense of retro style to bring you back to 60’s age.  All rooms are equipped with A/C (bacteria clean system) and private bathrooms with hot water. With the same basis of calculation, the return on investment would be 6 years. Moreover, the cost of maintenance comparing to a whole concrete house will be much higher. So, we have to renovate the house more often which means the return on investment will be longer!!! But for our guests, it is worth.